Connected world: a changing wireless paradigm

Inherently we the humans always want to get connected by phone, email, social media, Television, radio with the rest of the world. Things are changing fast now it’s about connected devices, appliances, automobiles, transport systems and even the plants. Anything can be connected will be connected. Anything can have a chipset will have a chipset.

When we talk about the connectivity, wireless comes to our minds.

In wireless land scape there are several technologies having different set of advantages and disadvantages. Broadly the wireless technologies divided into WAN, MAN, LAN, PAN. We have a distance Vs throughput with application comparison chart located below.

Wireless Standards Primer

Traditionally 3GPP standard based technologies dominate in the WAN and MAN technology landscape. In MAN segment, WiMAX is used to some extent, which is an IEEE standard (IEEE802.16 *) based technology. It did not get traction world-wide. In t..

Telecom Evolution: Impact of Economic Cycles, Consolidation & Managed Services

Source: Wall Street Journal

 The other day when I saw this graphic in WSJ it reminded me, of a time when I was starting out in the field of Telecom as a junior engineer, the world look so brilliant. I could go work for so many Operators – wireless and wired! The world was going wireless, GSM was new to India and Industry captains were predicting a multi-fold growth. While in the US it was CDMA vs GSM – two very strong contenders that were changing the way the world was communicating, while the cola wars were dominating the rest of the news and Billy Joel singing – “we didn’t start the Fire” !       Economic Cycles:


3 key enablers for Broadband Wireless

Wireless today at a crossroads and has become a key enabler of future consumer products, with potential applications ranging from high bit-rate video conferencing and movie viewing to simple ‘house keeping’ tasks in domestic appliances. Radio systems have moved toward forming heterogeneous wireless networks (hetnets), collaborations of multiple radio access networks, which in some cases operate different radio access technologies, such as second- and third-generation cellular RATs, IEEE 802.x wireless standards, and so on. On the other hand, multimode reconfigurable user devices with the ability to choose among various supported RATs have become a reality, and devices and networks with dynamic spectrum access capabilities, allowing real-time sharing of spectrum resource usage among different systems, are a part of the radio eco-space today.

Every decade brings changes to the way wireless is delivered to the users, and this decade shall belong to the indoor coverage and related servi..

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