Indoor Coverage


Extending Coverage: Distributed Antenna Systems

With Super Bowl XLVI around the corner, as a wireless engineer I always wait with bated for the performance of the network. How many calls did we drop? What was the congestion and customer satisfaction? How did we fare against other operators? Well these and more questions will always be on my mind as I have worked across different networks in the US. I still remember the days when COWs (cell on wheels) were the only option, but DAS (Distributed Antenna System) has come to the rescue. Businesses are finding a growing demand to provide a wide variety of wireless technologies in the indoor space today with coverage in stadiums and Casinos leading the need. Wireless cellular customers depend on the mobility of their devices wherever they go. There is a necessity for DAS systems with the breadth of design requirements that allow it to carry a wide range of technologies and to do it well. Both the venue owners and wireless carriers wish to provide their customers and occupants with a sati..

Unlicensed Mobile Access – A Revival

Last week saw some significant wins for champions of ‘free’ usage of spectrum – first is the approval of TV whitespaces spectrum by FCC and the second is the software based solution by Kineto for using UMA as an app in the Android phones. Two entirely different but high impact propositions for the free airwave users, both of them spur developments in their respective ecosystems that will have long-term impacts. I have blogged on the advantages of both these technologies extensively in the past few months. UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) uses the Wi-Fi bands for extension of coverage indoors, and T-Mobile USA has been the only Tier I operator who uses this technology in Northern America.

I have extensively spoken about whitespaces in the last few weeks leading upto the voting on September 23rd, please see my older posts here and here. But the topic that has captured my attention was the event that happened around UMA, a technology that is very robust but has had relatively low succe..

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