MetroPCS – first LTE network in the US

MetroPCS the fifth largest carrier in the US will be the first operator to launch LTE in September, couple of months ahead of Verizon. Samsung’s vice president of systems research and development, Jaebeom Choi, said that MetroPCS would launch their LTE network in the Las Vegas and Dallas markets. At this point, the Samsung Craft will be the initial offering from the carrier – though it may not be an awesome device to launch a next generation network, but will still showcase the kind of speeds LTE will be capable of achieving. This will be a feather in the cap of this regional cellular provider who is a low cost provider for voice and data in the prepaid wireless market.


MetroPCS is the fifth largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, and currently serves about 7.6 million customers covering around 20 markets. The company, a Delaware corporation, is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. They operate in 12 of the top 25 largest metropolitan areas, with e..

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