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I have been a smartphone since iPhone 2G was launched, though I had to jailbreak it to use it over the T-Mobile network.  But my user experience improved since the day Android devices landed on T-Mobile, and being part of the team that launched helped me bridge the gap. But how has the user experience for mobile apps improved after all these years of smart phone adoption? We have grown smarter with using our phones, networks and software in terms of design, implementation and optimization.  


UI/UX Design:  Application interface and interaction is something that users including yours truly gets going on things like the position and location of the keys on the smartphone screen, having difficulty with resizing or webpage scrolling, or agreeing with built-in dictionary items, or about inefficient manual input (e.g., the “fat finger” problem). Most users prefer interacting with a web-based interface of particular applications (e.g., Facebook) than with its widget.

Each user in..

Optimizing Mobile Web



Not all apps on our smartphones are created equal, just like how not all network technologies work the same. Some perform great and some not as much, but do we know how each one differs from the other? The other day I was discussing mobile applications with my wife who is a mobile developer when I realized that we as telecom network architects pay so little attention to the details of the design of mobile applications and their performance. It is not always about coverage and getting the best signal – indoors or outdoors. I was always aware of the implications of a badly designed mobile application going rogue as we had seen that a few years ago with Android launch  or a recent topic of NTT DO CO MO asking for help from Google. The rules for development have changed significantly and they are here to stay, as Apple goes into mobile publication and Amazon has democratized publication. I am all for democratization of the Mobile web – it is all about you – the user. The ..

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